You tailored home

Criseba offers you comprehensive advice to carry out your dream project.

Topographic survey of the landscape, rural or urban.
Draft or brainstorming with his team of architects.
Project approval and tenders.

During execution:
Weekly visit of the construction site by the rigger.
Guilds coordination.
Completion work visit.
Key delivery.

Reforms and renovations

Partial renovations and comprehensive restauration.

Renovations, alterations, modifications and extensions, both indoors
and outdoors, gardens, swimming pools, playgrounds…

We design the project to fit your needs and carry on the work
as agreed, without intermediaries, meeting all your requirements.

Pools construction

We work with different formats of swimming pools, such as polyester pools or concrete in-ground pools, including all types of equipment and accessories to provide them with maximum functionality and safety, including stainless steel ladders, counter-current swimming equipment, diving boards, water games, coloured lighting, salt electrolysis and pool covers to protect them when not in use.

We always listen to our clients’ opinions, we analyse each project down to the smallest detail and we look for the pool that best suits their needs and requirements, taking into account the functionality of the pool and the available budget for construction.

We stand out for offering comprehensive advice before, during and after the pool construction process, ensuring the desired result. In addition, we work with leading brands in the pool sector to ensure work of the highest quality.

Maintenance of homes, swimming pools and gardens

Indoor and outdoor cleaning.
Home care in the absence of the owner.

Design and maintenance of park, gardens an terraces.
Pruning, transplants and cuttings.
Integrated pest management.

Swimming pools
Pool inspections and check out, water treatment and chemical balance check, cleaning, desinfection and winter maintenance.


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