Starting price: 385.000 €.

The project has a building licence, and all the documentation in order, ready to start building, and it has gone through the Junta de Andalucia, Diputación Medio Ambiente and local authorities.

The proposed activity is a tourist accommodation service in a rural area.

 It consists of a main building housing the basic communal services (reception, bar, restaurant, toilets, information, organisation of complementary activities) and five annex buildings housing the flats or rooms for accommodation.

The buildings, all one story, are interconnected by a small network of pedestrian pathways and a landscaped terrace area, with a swimming pool for communal use. In addition, there would be two wooden platforms for the practice of yoga, one of the specialised services to be offered in the complex.

Two large water tanks are located under the yoga platforms concealing their presence. The one located at a higher level serves as a water reserve for the complex and is connected to the general network. The one located at a lower level collects rainwater and used for watering purposes.

Finally, the complex will have a system of solar panels, providing a back-up electricity supply and powering the heating system. The kitchens in the general building are to be supplied with standard propane/butane gas.

The whole complex will contribute to improving and complementing quality tourism provision in the municipality of Gaucín, targeting a sector of potential clients with high purchasing power. Logically, this project would facilitate the creation of direct and indirect jobs (complementary services and suppliers) in the area.

The project consists of:

-1 Main reception and service building (toilets, bar, dining room).

-5 apartment buildings for accommodation (capacity for 13 single double rooms)

-1 Garden area with terraces

-2 Wooden platforms for yoga practice

-2 water tanks

-Network of pedestrian walkways connecting the different areas of the complex